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Who’s Awise For?

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Travel Buddies

Groups that travels together starts making expenses such as hotel or plane reservations even before the trip starts. Usually one person handels the expenditures for others to fly together or to stay at the same place. Let who paid for what or who owes how much to who don’t confuse you during the trip. Let it no more to be a problem with Awise.

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Dormmates and Flatmates Both Students and Singles

You don’t want to have a problem with your flatmate or roommate because of the common expenses not being divided evenly, while you already try to understand eachother. Don’t get bothered with the questions like “Who bought the pasta?”, “Who paid the electric bills?” or “Who paid more?”. Follow your expenses with Awise and find peace.

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Friends Frequently Meets and Eats/Drinks

Do you have friends you like to eat or go to concert with? Make the most of it! Let no one deal with the calculations in front of you when the check has come. Anyhow you will pay back later and to remember how much to pay back, use Awise.

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Company Workers on Business Trip

Aside from splitting cost, someday you may be in a position to pay on behalf of someone else. If you are a worker that travels on behalf of your company, you are probably confront with this frequently. Awise would be helpful to record and find the files of your expenses that you made on behalf of your company.

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Apartment Managers

Calculating fees for neighbours is not a job to underestimate. Dividing gas expenses according to counter, common water expenses according to number of the housholds is not easy and it’s struggling to do this for each expense. In fact, in a mobile era, why struggle instead remembering assets and liabilities through Awise.

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Apartment/Complex Management Companies

The cost allocation made by apartment managers for a single building and a small number of neighbors is made by management companies for far more residents of apartments and estates. Needless to say, the account to be dealt with is both more complex and more crowded. It’s not possible to let everyone know and explain the account, but with Awise it is.

What Awise Offers?

Everyone Can Make Additions

Get Notifications

Multiple Currencies

Add Pictures to your Expenses

Allocate Expenses according to a Spesific Ratip

Offline Mode

(Coming Soon)


How Do I Use Awise?

If you downloaded the app, congratulations! You are half way through. Now create an expense group and name it.

Add names of the people to the expense group. Or better; if you choose people from your Contacts, they can be a part of this transparency and you don’t have to discuss. That’s why we’re here =)

Pick an option that states the purpose (trip, house/apartment, etc.) of gathering,of the so-called group so that we can know your expenses and display it on the screen

Also! Haven’t you sign up but you already have a friend with an AWise account and you want to join? An invitation of your friend or repetation of the invite is more than enough, simple as that!

What then?

Now that you created the group, you can add your expenses and add the transcript of the related expense.

As you can split expenses evenly, it’s also possible to split them into different numbers and ratios. For instance, “Ahmet came by himself to the dinner but we were 2 with my wife.” or “We were 3 people but Selma was on a walk, while me and Ahmet were drinking coffee.” Even for the situations like “Residents of 2+1’s pay the water bill for common areas different than the residents of 3+1’s.”

Of course there won’t be expenses all the time. There can also be refunds and incomes and you can add them to your account.

You can see who owns what to who at the end of the day. You can share who paid for what, when and to who without hesitation. You can see your own debts and assets. In your hand anytime, anywhere… At all your expense sharing groups… Looking at the same numbers with related persons at the same time…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Awise used for ?

Awise is a mobile app which you use on your smartphone or on tablet to get your shared expenditures be split with friends/neighbours/roommates etc.

What is the benefit of using Awise?

It is always difficult to share the cost at the moment of paying it. It is not only difficult to calculate and make everyone pay the exact amount at the same time, it is also embarrassing to request to pay from everyone everytime.

What is the alternative method by using Awise?

You don’t have to make everyone to pay the exact amount to pay everytime you spend something together. Instead, lets make everyone free to pay whatever and whenever individually for the group and just keep balance for everyone and close the deal with a single money transfer to whom you owe to.

How can Awise help in calculating that?

It helps you calculate how to split the cost for each person in the group and keep track of balance of it. You can split the cost equally or in different numbers depending on who is involved in what portion. You can specify in head counts or percentages or direct amount tos hare, all welcome.

When would you use Awise?

• Eating/drinking out with a group and/or friends,
• Travelling as a group,
• Neighbours having some shared cost for living,
• Students/Roommates.

Should I create a login and confirm my account to use Awise?

No, not necessarily. An email will be sent to confirm your account but you can simply proceed to use and calculate your shared bills.

Awise – Group Expenses
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